What's Avril Lavigne Doing With Pauly D's Tanning Lotion?

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All month Avril Lavigne will be auctioning off one-of-a-kind items to benefit The Avril Lavigne Foundation from a personal phone call and a cameo in one of her upcoming music videos to Jersey Shore’s Pauly D’s tanning lotion and a Nickelback signed Gibson guitar.

According to her web site, the mission of The Avril Lavigne Foundation is R.O.C.K.S. — Respect, Opportunity, Choices, Knowledge, and Strength in support of children and youth living with serious illnesses and disabilities:

Respect the needs of all children and youth, no matter their circumstances, and encourage others to do the same; Create the Opportunity for children and youth with serious illnesses or disabilities to follow their dreams; Offer Choices so children and youth see they have many options in life and not just a single path defined by their circumstances; Provide Knowledge about what is possible to children, youth and their families through new program ideas that The Avril Lavigne Foundation will support and help expand; Give kids and their families the Strength to face their daily challenges.

Among the items listed on eBay:

The Pauly D tanning oil and t-shirt is at $31 after 4 bids; the signed Gibson Guitar from Nickelback at $600 after 15 bids; two tickets to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball in North America is currently at $610 after 21 bids; a Fender pick guard signed by members of Simple Plan at $86 after 15 bids; the Some Way, Shape or Form CD from Four Year Strong at $52 after 22 bids; a Part of Me movie poster signed by Katy Perry at $173.70 after 26 bids; a Gretsch Electromatic CVT III guitar from OK Go’s “Needing/Getting” video shoot, which is at $150 after 1 bid; and a signed rare poster from a Sum 41 secret show; at $51 after two bids.

In her blog on her Foundation’s web site, Lavigne thanks everyone who has “donated, tweeted, or posted” so far about the Rockstar Room, “an online space created to help me achieve my birthday wish,” she says in an online video promoting the auction. She turns 28 on Sept. 27. She is also excited that the video had received so many views (50,000 at the time; now over 80,000).

“All net proceeds from the auction will support the Foundation,” Lavigne writes. “I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to all of the awesome musicians and artists who have generously donated items to the auction, including: Deryck Whibley, Four Year Strong, Jesse McCartney, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Matt Nathanson, Nickelback, OK GO, Panic at the Disco, DJ Pauly D, Ryan Cabrera, Shaun White, Simple Plan, Skylar Grey, Sum41, Taylor Momsen, Train and Travis Barker. 

“Please join me in thanking them for their support on Twitter and Facebook – I am so grateful to have these amazing artists and my fans come together to help children and youth living with serious illnesses and disabilities.”

The foundation partners with leading charitable organizations to design and deliver programs, raise awareness and mobilize support for children and youth living with a serious illness or a disability.


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