Uber Canada Helping Students To Not Drink And Drive

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It's Frosh Week in Ontario university towns and this means lots and lots of young adults escaping their parents' watchful eyes (perhaps for the first time ever) and partying it up in all manner of questionable ways.

This partying will, inevitably, involve a stupendous amount of alcohol consumption.

Being very aware of what happens after the campus pub plays Spirit Of The West's "Home For A Rest" at last call, the taxi-alternates at Uber Canada are touring three university towns this week with something they call the UberSAFE breathalyzer.

How it works is bar patrons breath into the UberSAFE and if they blow above the legal alcohol limit to drive a vehicle Uber will spot them a ride free of charge. The fine print: It's for first time Uber customers and it's for a ride value up to $20. The promotional code is "UberSAFEOnt."

Looking a little like the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, the UberSAFE breathalyzer was set up at the Barking Frog in London, Ontario last night. On Friday, Sept. 11 it'll be at Seventy Seven bar in Hamilton, Ontario and on Saturday, Sept. 12 it'll be at Frosh Circus @ Bingemans in Waterloo, Ontario.

"Educating Canadians about the importance of not drinking and driving is top of mind for us," Uber said in a press release. "In Canada, drunk driving claims almost 1,500 lives and causes over 64,000 injuries each year. Ridesharing is helping drive down these heartbreaking statistics around the world by providing people with a reliable alternative to getting behind the wheel."

Uber also created a video showing how the UberSAFE breathalyzer works:

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