Meathead Movers Will Move Victims of Domestic Violence For Free

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It's not often you'd associate a bunch of "meatheads" with good deeds, but the heavy lifters from the California-based Meathead Movers company are changing that perception.

Meathead Movers has teamed up with the Good Shepherd Shelter organization to provide free services to move victims of domestic violence out of abusive situations.

"We know how hard it is to pack up someone's life and move it to a new location — but it's unimaginable to think about a woman and her children trying to pack up all their belongings and flee before the abuser returns home," said Aaron Steed, president and CEO of Meathead Movers, in a press release. "When we realized we had the resources to help provide a fresh start for these victims, we knew Good Shepherd Shelter was the perfect organization to connect us with those who need our services most."

Beyond the act of physically helping someone, the Good Shepherd staff also pointed out another valuable attribute the Meathead Movers display during these often delicate moves — sensitivity.

"The service Meathead Movers provides helps our clients – who become instant single moms – save a lot of money and provide a safer way to relocate," said Mandy Gibson, executive director of Good Shepherd Shelter. "It also helps that the young men are trained to be sensitive to the needs of the family and set a good example for the children as well."

Started in 1997 by Aaron and Evan Steed, Meathead Movers was initially a service the Steeds and their athletically-inclined companions would provide for friends, family and acquaintances. In the early days their fees were often $20 per person/per day, plus pizza. The money, they say, would often go towards their sporting activities.

Over the years they've grown to the point where they conduct more than 5,000 moves per year and also operate Princess Packers, a service fronted by female packers. True to their jock-ish roots, movers are required to jog back from the truck into the house to maximize time.

These Meatheads also contribute to the Cinderella Fund, whose aim is "to help these children fulfill their dreams by providing resources to nurture their development in athletics, the arts, and education," as well as provide services for men in need.

"A few people have wondered if we will offer the same service to male victims of abuse and the answer is simple: absolutely! Any victim, regardless of gender, is one too many, and we want to do what we can to support anyone in an untenable situation," Meathead Movers wrote on its Facebook page recently. "We take our cues from our partner organizations as far identifying victims to receive these moves. Due to the sensitivity of these situations, specifics on these moves are not something we are able to discuss in detail."

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd have been working on behalf of abused or exploited women for more than 370 years. The Los Angeles chapter has been active for more than 110 years and operates a long-term facility focusing on treatment, education and healing. Their focus is on ending generational cycles of violence in families.

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