Guns With History Viral Video Continues To Affect Viewers

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Looking to buy a gun? There's a video available to help guide you through that decision. Created by the States United To Prevent Gun Violence organization, the "Guns With History" video makes potential gun buyers confront the uncomfortable history of various gun models featured in a store called the GWH Gun Shop.

What these gun seekers don't know when they enter the store is that all the guns for sale come with a story attached. It's pointed out the .223 caliber rifle is the same model Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter, used to kill 26 and wound two.

"Collectors love this one," the clerk says in the video while displaying the weapon. "Adam Lanza's mom had this in her collection, too, until he took this and several other guns and killed her and and went down to Sandy Hook and killed six teachers and 20 innocent children. Twenty little kids, gone, like that."

The pump action shotgun is the same make James Huberty used in 1984 to kill 21 and wound 19 at a San Diego McDonald's in 1984. At the mock Guns With History web store they list off a number of other weapons and the damaging things they were used for as well.

In one segment, one of the would-be customers says rather matter-of-factly, "It made me actually think, 'I'm not going to buy that gun'" after learning of the weapon's infamous past.

The store, which was a fake installation set up for two days in a New York City art gallery, was part of the States United To Prevent Gun Violence's campaign to fight back against gun lobbyists and manufacturers. The anti-gun organization has a number of goals. Among them:

* Keeping guns out of the hands of felons, terrorists and the violent mentally ill through background checks for all gun purchases.

* Keep women and children safer by keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers.

* Demanding that gun-owners take responsibility and keep guns in the home locked, unloaded and safely stored.

* Educate parents and children to talk about the risk and dangers of gun violence.

* Prevent mass shootings by banning military-style weapons from communities.

The Guns With History video is clearly helping them get this message across. Since its release in March 2015 the video has received 4.32 million views on YouTube.

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