Dustin Thomas Releases New Song “Nation of Truth” to Encourage Mid-Term Voting

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Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Joni Mitchell are just a few music legends who wrote rock anthems timed for tumultuous political times. Add singer/songwriter Dustin Thomas to that tradition after his latest single, "Nation of Truth," was released on iTunes Nov. 1, in time for the U.S. midterm elections.

On Facebook page, it lists his hometown as "stars" and his current location as "The United States of Consciousness."

"In order to raise awareness and inspire positive action, I'm releasing three new songs just ahead of the midterm elections with the hopes that my expanded community will take these songs to heart and get active and vote," Thomas said on his Facebook page ahead of his next EP, also called Nation of Truth.

Thomas, known for his soul/folk anthems of love and war and who is currently touring in France with the John Butler Trio, begins his biting rebuke of the Trump era with the song lyrics: "They built a prison of words to keep us down...They build a nation on loss and confusion."

As Americans get set to vote Tuesday, the culmination of Thomas' latest song offers a stern pushback: "Somewhere along the line we lose track and self respect. Well, somewhere along the line we’ll rise up and represent."

Thomas in commentary about Nation of Truth on his website offers up his latest music as a call to action.

"By day I read the news and by night I pour my heart out alongside my band. We take broken pieces of this America we all want to believe in and try to stitch them back together with the healing fabric of song," Thomas writes.

His emotional comments follow the Tree of Life synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh and other unsettling headlines, which Thomas alludes to as "mad men shooting up synagogues. Hate crimes and school shootings. Racism running rampant. Votes disappearing. Children in cages. Pipe bombs. Mass deception. Mass incarceration."

Thomas insists his music aims to provide a balm in chaotic times.

"This season needs anthems. I feel like it's my job to bring them," he writes.

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