Canadian Lung Association Celebrates 120 Years with Charity Single by Country Singers Eric Ethridge and Kalsey Kulyk

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The Canadian Lung Association, which provides information on everything from quitting smoking to cystic fibrosis to breathing issues due to pollution, is celebrating its 120th anniversary with “Breathe Again,” a fundraising song from rising country artists Eric Ethridge and Kalsey Kulyk to support research into chronic lung diseases.

Ethridge, who is signed to Anthem Entertainment, and was nominated for the 2019 CCMA Rising Star Award, is currently on a cross-Canada physically distanced tour with fellow Anthem act Kulyk, herself nominated for the 2019 CCMA Roots Album of the Year and just selected for Bell Media’s Future Star program. The song was produced by Jimmy Thow of Sons of Daughters and features chart-topping America pianist Paul Cardall — incidentally a recpient of a heart transplant — and the pair's labelmate.

Proceeds of the song downloads from the usual streaming platforms will support Canada’s oldest lung health organization by funding ongoing research -- including clinical trials and studies in lung disease prevention -- advocacy and reliable health information for Canadians who are struggling to breathe.

“We’re thrilled to partner with such talented Canadian musicians as Eric and Kalsey and are proud to mark this significant milestone for our organization with their voices,” said Terry Dean, president and CEO, Canadian Lung Association, in a statement.

“We’ve spent the last 120 years dedicated to saving lives, preventing lung disease and improving lung health through research, advocacy, education and support. Our mission is not yet complete, however. We welcome anyone who shares our passion for lung health to join us as we continue our journey towards a Canada that’s easier to breathe in for all.”

The Lung Association has set up a landing page that presents a timeline, video clips of researchers, patients and volunteers, plus a music video for “Breathe Again,” featuring the pair and many archivals photo from the charity, which formed in 1900 as the Canadian Association for the Prevention of Consumption and other Forms of Tuberculosis.

"Have you ever felt like the world was on your chest /Like you can't find your hope because you don't know where it went? Well I've been there and I know it's no worse kind of feeling," Kulyk sings in opening lyric.

“It probably isn’t going to happen overnight,” cautions Etheidge during his part of the song.

The current covid-19 pandemic has posed a particular threat to people with chronic lung diseases from virus infection and inflamed lungs.

The refrain for “Breathe Again” signals help at hand. "Love and compassion, angels on Earth, people who help you heal through the hurt," they sing together. 

In a statement, Kulyk says, "The Canadian Lung Association has been an institution in this country for 120 years, helping countless Canadians laugh and sing longer. They continue to put air back into the lungs of those who have been challenged by a disease or poor air quality. Our song ‘Breathe Again’ is a celebration of this milestone and is dedicated to all those who work day-in and day-out helping others breathe."

With "Breathe" as a campaign slogan for the non-profit, the Canadian Lung Association seeks solutions to the causes of breathing problems, whether in the environment from air pollution or owing to chronic conditions like cystic fibrosis and neonatal lung disease. 

"Breathing as One, we will make our homes, automobiles, urban centers, malls, parks, schools, office buildings and factories healthier. Breathing as One, we will ignite exciting new possibilities in the lab, light a fire under policy makers and trigger a shift in our behaviours and priorities. We all share the same air. United under the banner of Breathing as One: The Campaign for Lung Research, we will share our resources and resolve to make lung health and breathing our number One priority," the charity says on its website.

Canadians have supported the Lung Association in part via its Christmas Seal program, which launched nationally in 1928 and sees dedicated stamps put on holiday cards posted in the mail.

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