Date of Will Ferrell RHCP Chad Smith $300k Drum Battle Still TBA

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A date has still not been set for the Will Ferrell-Chad Smith battle, but in the name of charity the Old School/Anchorman star not only conceded that he is not moonlighting as the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, but the two will come face to face in a battle of the beat. The promise of what Ferrell called “the greatest drum vs. cowbell showdown the world has ever seen” recently enticed fans to raise $311,953 for Ferrell’s charity of choice, Cancer for College.

The charity, which provides college scholarships to cancer survivors, was founded in 1994 by one of Ferrell’s best friends, two-time cancer survivor and double-amputee Craig Pollard.  The two were in the Delta Tau Delta fraternity at University of South Carolina.

After some mock intimidation in an Instagram video from Smith warning Ferrell to stop impersonating him and then challenging him to a drum battle, the actor responded with his own ultimatum:

"Hi, Chad. Will Ferrell here," he says in a video. "I saw your video and I graciously accept your invitation to a drum battle. If we can raise $300,000 for Cancer for College I will face off with you in the greatest drum vs. cowbell showdown the world has ever seen. We can do it on stage at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert or in front of a mutually convenient public library. Your call. Also, would you rather fight a hundred duck sized ducks or one horse sized horse?"

On Reddit, the solicitation for donations began:

“People of the Interwebs, I've decided to do my FIRST-EVER AMA on behalf of my favorite non-profit, Cancer For College. I could have done my FIRST-EVER AMA for lots and lots and lots of things. Movies! My book! My sunscreen! My range of crocodile purses! But, this World Cancer Day, I wanted to support Cancer for College, which helps provide college scholarships to cancer survivors.

“If you want to join me, your support of this important cause could win you THE prize of century – no, not a trip to the Catalina Wine Mixer, but a chance to race golf carts with yours truly, eat a sensible lunch side by side, and maybe make sock puppets. GO HERE:”

In return for making a donation, there was the chance to win “the most amazing prize in the history of mankind, while helping out a great cause.” That prize included lunch with Ferrell, a golf lesson, and tickets to see him smash balls in the Desert Showdown’s celebrity tennis event in Palm Springs, CA, benefitting Cancer for College.  Donors could also choose set amounts to receive gifts ranging from Ferrell’s Super Sexy Hot Tan suncreen (see Product of the Month) to a signed cowbell.

Cancer for College has granted nearly $2 million in scholarships to more than one thousand survivors across the U.S.

“Craig saw first hand the physical, emotional and financial devastation that cancer can have on a family,” it says on the site. “Families dealing with cancer often exhaust every last resource in the process of returning their child to health. This battle can leave nothing left for the survivor for things such as a college education.”

Maybe Ferrell vs. Smith really should make this drum battle at a library or concert venue and sell tickets to raise more money for Cancer for College? 

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