INXS' Fortune and Pengilly: Pet Owners Need To Qualify

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INXS singer JD Fortune and guitarist/saxophonist Kirk PengillyKirk Pengilly have some strong views on who should be able to own a pet.

“I reckon you should do a driving-style license and go through a rigorous frickin’ psychiatric everything to own an animal; same with a baby because there are so many irresponsible parents out there,” Pengilly tells Samaritanmag, serious about the pet license comment but knowing of course that a parental license is just wishful thinking.

JD FortuneFortune, who has been an active spokesperson for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) since 2005 and is “desperately” trying to promote a California-based animal rescue organization called Take Me Home, agrees that one should need to pass a license to own a pet. He feels only those not capable or compassionate enough to take care of an animal would raise a stink if this was made a law.

“I think right across the board, if you’re qualified and are going to get a license for a pet, then why worry about it because you’re going to get one anyway," Fortune says. "But right now, you just have to buy it and register it; you don’t have to qualify. There’s no standard. You can’t walk in and go ‘Gimme the dog; gimme the dog.’”

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